6 Months!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Half of a year.

Wait, are you sure?

Yes sir, Little A is 6 months old.

He had his check-up, got T.H.R.E.E. unmerciful shots, and has changed SO much.

He is so so so vocal. Whenever he wakes from his naps or in the morning, I always go into his room and say "HIIIIIIII" in a really high mommy-like voice. He is now mimicking me right back when I say it, seriously the cutest thing ever.

He has been eating home-made baby food for about 3 weeks (our pediatrician recommended not making it a watered down puree, but just mashing it up like crazy and letting him play with tiny pieces) and so far he likes avocados, cantaloupe, bananas, apples,  sweet potatoes, corn, carrots didn't impress him much and he really doesn't like green beans or grapes. 

He loves to drink water from my Brita bottle still. If he can see it, he is trying to grab it.

He rolls over both ways and has for a while now but these days, if he is laying down, he is rolling constantly. 

When Little A is in his car seat, he always tries to pull the shade down, like all the way down to his feet. He has pulled it out of place a few times. We hear this "click click click click" look in the mirror and you can see his little grinning face over the shade while his toes are rubbing it. 

Every evening when Mr. J gets home from work, he lays Little A on the bed, kneels in the floor and Little A starts the "inspection" as we call it. He has to grab, pinch, rub, and stare at every inch of Mr. J's face. Feet have now joined the process as Little A wraps his feet around Daddy's neck. 

Little A went to the church nursery for the first time 2 weeks ago. He always does well during church, but as he is more vocal, it's harder for us to pay attention and for the people around us to hear. I was extremely nervous about taking him for the first time, he has never been in the care of anyone else besides us and our parents, but I trusted the workers. He did fantastic. They said he really enjoyed watching the other kids and he was playing with toys and didn't cry at all. Phew, relieved mama moment.

Little A can sit up if I put him in the position, he is still a little wobbly, mainly because he sees something and just lunges straight for it. If he holds your fingers, he can pull himself up. He still prefers to be standing, his legs are so strong. He is trying to crawl. He gets his knees under him and kind of rocks a little bit and has scooted backwards. He is so close to figuring it out. 

His night time routine has changed a little. He no longer wants to be rocked or will allow it. He gets a bath, gets lotioned up, dressed, prayer, eats, and then completely straightens his body out so it's almost impossible to even hold him, so rocking is a no go. We lay him down awake, he grabs his paci and his blanket, rolls on his side and off to sleep he goes. 

We are still doing sign language, he now smiles when we sign, especially if I ask him if he is hungry.

He is still such a happy baby and "talks" to most people. I think it's unbearably precious though when someone is talking to him and he gets bashful and buries his face in my shoulder. 

He started saying "mamamama" a few days ago, he usually says it if I walk out of the room for a second or when he gets mad. I just crumble when I hear it. 

"oh you want a pony?" 
"your wish is my command little one", 
we may be in serious trouble.

I seriously fall in love with this kid more every day.

  • Weight - 16 pounds 8 ounces (25th percentile
  • Length - 26 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
  • Head circumference- 16 1/4 inches (25th percentile)
  • Diaper size - Just switched to 3
  • Clothes size - he can still wear his size 3 months sweatpants,some 3/6 month things, mostly 6 month
  • Favorites- being mobile in any form, talking, playing with mommy's phone, and doing the helicopter and horse ride with daddy
  • Mommy's favorite moment/s this month- Him mimicking me and saying mamama my favorite, I love hearing that sweet little voice trying to say what I'm saying.

eating avocados 

waiting for Dr. B