Little A | 18 months

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This blog was actually started as a way of capturing all things pregnancy and baby related. I have glanced back at my posts from his first few months and thought "No way, I don't remember that." I am SO glad I decided to write things down, it's so easy to forget the little things or what his sleep pattern was like at first. And when it comes to my baby, I want to remember every.single.detail. Good, bad, and ugly, I want to be able to remember his nap times when he was 2 months old, his height and weight percentages, his clothing and diaper size.

Let's play catch up since I haven't done a post about his milestones in quite a while.

Ice cream date

Little A still loves to sleep. He sleeps in his own room. He absolutely REFUSES to co-sleep. I have tried to let him sleep with me for a little while when Mr. J is gone and Little A wakes up, cries, and pushes me away. This boy needs his space when he sleeps. He is binkie free as of 3/31/14!!!! We cut the tip of the paci, gave it to him, and he was done. He just decided he didn't like it or want it and that was that. The first night he woke up and cried and asked for it but it wasn't a hard adjustment at all. He still has to have blankie to sleep. He goes to bed around 9:30-10:00, and sleeps until 8:30am. He takes one nap a day, usually around 12:30-1 and sleeps for an hour and a half.

He still does sign languague. He will sign more, all done, ready to eat, drink, and please. Usually as soon as he is awake and I go into his room, he signs "ready to eat".

At the Homeplace, I HATE character shirts, but he is obsessed

His vocabulary is so impressive. He is so smart, it blows me away. I love the way he pronounces some words, it's too cute. Words he can say: mama, daddy, charlie (char-yee), dog, milk (mook), apple (bapple), banana (nana), drink (gink), cracker, cheese, turkey, hot, blankie, shoes, socks, pants, cup, ball, Nemo (memo), cars, Sulley (Monster's University- Su-yee), no, love you, Annie, Brittni (Britt Britt), Grana, Pawpaw, Papa, Nana, Mimi, moon, stars, flower (gower), diaper (bi-per), cookie, outside (side), night-night, sun, ketchup (kes-up), teeth, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, ears, cow, duck, bird, kitty, church, cross, bible, Jesus (jeeeeee-sis), book, hat, flower (sowder), tree,  "eat it" (usually when he is sharing his food,aka, food he doesn't want to eat), "Daddy, are you?", bye-bye, moon, stars, orange, berries, baby, uh-oh, Mike (from monster's university), ball, bunny, and yuck. Animal sounds include : tweet-tweet, mooo, woof (oof), meow, oh oh ah ah (monkey)

Easter Sunday

His favorite snacks are cherry tomatoes, cheese, turkey, and oranges. He is still picky about his veggies, if we put something green on his tray, he immediately says "yuck", but we are working on it. He loves to eat eggs, spaghetti, chicken, cheese, sweet potatoes, and all fruits, especially apples lately. Since receiving his Easter basket, he also likes to ask for candy, but only gets it on a rare occasion. 

He is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth, he will cry to do it. He also loves cleaning his ears. Weird right?

His favorite thing in the entire world is to be outside. It doesn't matter what we are doing, he just wants to be outside. He usually asks to go out as soon as he is done with breakfast. He still loves to play with balls. He has a small basketball hoop and grabs his basketball and says "hoops". He also loves to color, play with his cars, and his favorite movies are "Monster's University" and "Cars". "Nemo" is a close third. He LOVES to read. We read every morning but all throughout the day as well. His favorite books are still "Duck and Goose: It's time for Christmas", "Duck and Goose: Let's find a Pumpkin", "Thank you God", "Goodnight Moon", and "Listen Up, Pup".

Being a toddler comes with a certain amount of mischief. We woke up the other morning to the sound of him running around his room. He has successfully climbed out of his crib TWICE! He loves to play with Daddy's cologne and won't leave the house without a squirt on his clothes. He has been known to throw several important things away, like my phone and his cups. He is also notorious for dumping Charlie's full water bowl on the floor to splash in. Overall, Little A is a great baby toddler. He usually listens very well, uses his manners (please, thank you, welcome), and has such a sweet spirit.  I still can't believe he has been entrusted to me. 

  • Weight - 23 pounds 4 ounces (15th percentile)
  • Length - 32 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
  • Head circumference- 18 1/2 inches 
  • Diaper size - 4
  • Clothes size - He wears 18 month tops, and still needs 12 month pants, even some of those are too big. He is a long, lean boy. 
  • Favorites- playing outside, wrestling with daddy, playing "hoops", and "Monster's University"
  • Mommy's favorite moments - It's so hard to decide but I would have to say our morning reading session. After breakfast, we read for about 35 minutes, I love the snuggles and seeing him so excited to read.