Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yup, we're still alive. I need to be more consistent! I think know this poor blog needs a make-over and ASAP, maybe that will help me spend more time blogging.  

Any who, currently:

eating |  a honeycrisp apple, heaven on earth I tell ya
drinking | water, what else is new?
practicing | being more consistent in my quiet time, keeping up with daily chores, and speaking with kindness
mastering | a lifting/ gym schedule
learning | how not to obsess and freak out over every little thing, a real struggle for me.
listening | an old episode of "The Office". 
playing | peek-a-boo with my little love muffin
finishing | cleaning and organizing before holiday travels 
reading |
walking | eh running on the treadmill?
wearing | Chunky sweaters and cardigans  
cooking | lots of yummy crock-pot recipes
working | on cutting out ALL processed foods from our house
traveling | to North Carolina to visit family, WAAAYY too excited 
wanting| it to be Christmas morning already