13 Months

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A post that isn't late, actually 3 days early, it's a Christmas miracle.

My Little A is 13 months old!

His vocabulary consists of mama, dada, dog (daw-ga), bir (bird), light, tree, daarrrr (star on the christmas tree), hello (either playing with our cell phones, actually talking to someone on the phone, or putting his hand to his ear and pretending it's a phone), dank ewww (thank you), no, go, uh-oh, ow, got (Little A, whatcha got?), and shoe.

His sign language consists of more, ready to eat, drink, all done, and we're working on please and thank you.

He still loves to stand at the windows and look for birds, it's more fun now that charlie has joined in on the fun. He always gasps with excitement when we turn on the Christmas tree lights. He loves to play with the balls from his ball pit, his play hammer and nail set from Papa, and carrying around his shoes. His love for climbing makes me a nervous nelly. I'm slowly learning to just let him be a boy and not freak out over every little tumble.

One thing I have been SUPER excited about, he is snuggling once again. When he turned 6 months, he just stopped letting me snuggle and hold him, he was just too busy. Over the last few weeks, he has actually fallen asleep on my chest several times and I am LOVING it! He loves to give kisses, high fives, and loves to wrestle with Daddy. Little A loves to just get wild with him, it's pretty entertaining to watch.

He has 4 teeth on top, 2 on bottom with 2 molars working their way in. He still has to gave a banana with breakfast, he points to the fruit bowl and signs "ready to eat". We're still working our way through the picky phase of not wanting to try vegetables. He still loves spaghetti, yogurt, all meat, and all fruits. Before we eat, we say "Little A, let's pray" and he clasps his little hands together and waits.

We love you Baby

Happy 1st birthday !

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Dearest Little A,

I have decided to write you a letter every year on your birthday. I know it will be hard to put into words all the emotions I have but here we go....

I can't tell you how many nights I spent crying, praying 1 Samuel 1:27, wanting and longing for a baby. On November 2nd, my dream came true. The moment they laid you on my chest, I knew my world would forever be changed. I never knew I could love someone so much. At 5:31 AM, the world became so much sweeter. Because of you, I have found a new passion for life, a new sense of joy, purpose and you have opened a whole new part of my heart.

Watching you grow, change, and become your own little person has been such an incredible journey that I am BEYOND thankful to be a part of. We always tell everyone you have been the perfect first baby. You have never had a hard time adjusting to anything, moving to your own room, no problem, weaning from nursing, piece of cake. Sleeping has always been smooth sailing as well, your 12 hours at night plus 2 naps during the day makes me do a happy dance. Eating is getting a little tricky due to your sudden burst of being picky when it comes to veggies but I'm learning ways around it. Daddy thinks it's funny that you always go for the meat first and want more of it, man's man already. 

You never cease to amaze me with your intelligence, creativity, and sweet spirit. You can just melt my heart with one of your little smiles and kisses. You are so thoughtful already, whether it's sharing your snacks with daddy, helping me throw stuff away (my cellphone included a few times), or just stoping what you're doing to give me a kiss. It makes me oh so happy that you love books, AND you love to grab our books, and just fan the pages just like me. You inherited daddy's love for the outdoor, you cry when it's time to come in. You could just walk in the grass, picking up leaves and looking for birds all day long. 

You always hear people talking about teaching their children things, but it's often overlooked what children teach their parents. Some of the things you have taught me thus far : Joy in the simple things. You make me slow down, notice the little things like the bird in the tree outside the window, the flower beside the car, and just being outside. Because of you, I appreciate the beauty of things that would go unnoticed if it weren't for your smile and little finger pointing. Purpose. Everyone has a calling right? I had a hard time trying to figure out what mine was. Being your mommy brings me so much completeness, makes me feel whole. It's cliche but I feel "full" in a place I never knew was empty.

When I dreamt of having children, I always thought I knew what I deemed "perfect". When I met you, I realized my idea of perfect was a huge understatement to the amazing little person you are. My wildest dreams could have never imagined you up, with your quirky little attitude and your precious little facial features. You blow my mind every single day. I will never get over the fact that God chose ME, of all the people in the world, to be your mommy. I count it a blessing, even days when I've picked up the same toys 600 times, and I have found more grey hair (YIKES), I go to sleep every night excited for the next day with you. 

SO my littlest love, cheers to surviving our first year, I think daddy & I figured out parenting (just kidding, do you ever figure it out?), well figured out a system that works for us 3. You have been the most incredible baby, and we couldn't be more excited for the next year, and every one after that. The best year of our lives, credit goes to you our sweet Little A. We love you more than you will ever know <3