Carrying the weight

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love to run. 

Simply put, running is my therapy. It's what I do when I'm stressed, sad, mad, happy, energetic, pretty much any emotion can go hand-in-hand with running.

I used to just run about 2 miles everyday for cardio. I wanted a new challenge so I decided towards the end of 2011 that I wanted to run a half marathon. So I started training for one the end of January of 2012. I loved it! Those 5 mile runs gave me sore legs and a big smile. Well I found out I was pregnant February 27th. I decided I would continue to workout, just not continue my training. So I opted for 1 mile runs, long walks, light strength training, and yoga 4 times a week.

When we made our baby registry, I knew the #1 item I wanted was a jogging stroller. 1) they are awesome and can go anywhere 2) they have real tires, not that small cheap plastic ones that can't roll over a pebble. 3) it would help me get back into running with my new little running buddy

Having a winter baby, I knew our jogging adventures would be put aside until we had some better weather. Well this crazy weather has given us several beautiful days, and on days that aren't blistering cold, babe gets bundled up and off we go.

Running is a challenge. Running after having a baby is a challenge, but running after having a baby while pushing your baby is a ridiculous challenge. Maybe the fact that I run around our neighborhood that has serious hills doesn't help, but regardless, pushing extra weight kicks up the burn factor. Try maintaining good running form while pushing a bouncing baby boy. Challenge accepted!

While we were out running yesterday and I was out of breath about to be at the top of our final hill, I had a thought. I get tired pushing Little A while running for 1 hour or so, God carries our weight at all times. "Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall."- Psalms 55:22. God invites us to cast our burdens on Him and He will carry us. How amazing is that? Carrying the weight of 1 child can be exhausting, can you imagine carrying the weight of all of your children, like if you had a couple billion? God never tires of us. He never needs a break, there is nothing too big for Him. He loves us enough to want to lighten the load. 

That speaks multitudes of the wonderful Christ we serve. I am humbled.  

Que the emotions

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 months always seemed like just another short segment of time to me, that is of course until I became a mother.

Little A will be 3 months old next weekend.

Today he is wearing an outfit size 3 months for the first time, and it fits. Que the emotional reaction and dramatic shed of one glistening tear.

I held up his little sleeper that was a size newborn and couldn't believe he was once that little.Everyone always told me "time flies", I thought I had a grip on this concept, I was sadly mistaken.

Everyday I am beyond thankful to be a stay-at-home mommy, but days like today, with the realization of just how quickly time is passing by, words couldn't express my gratitude.

He is just as surprised by how quickly he is growing
By the way, in this picture, Little A is laying on my Dad's baby blanket. My Grandma gave it to me at my baby shower, she had saved it for her first grandson.The most cherished baby present I received.

Little A's 2 month check-up!

Monday, January 21, 2013

 Well I have successfully been unsuccessful at posting more, one of my New Year's resolutions. Little A is growing and changing so fast, I need to be better at writing down the little cute things he is doing so I can keep record of them. 

Any-who, little munchkin had his 2 month check-up a few days ago. I was quite surprised by how much he had grown, which I shouldn't be, he loves to eat, still nursing every 2 hours. Which reminds me, munchkin seems to not tolerate dairy very well. He was spitting up a lot, and after research and talking to the doctor, that seemed to be the culprit so I cut it out completely, then tried to slowly wean it back in per the doctor, but it always leads to an extremely fussy boy, so almond milk it is! Any-who he had to get more shots, 2 this time, and an oral vaccination. Once again, as soon as the needle touched his legs, this blood curling scream came out of his mouth and the tears started coming out of both of our eyes. Oye, will this ever get easier? His legs have little bruises from the injection site and he was not feeling very well the 2 days after, but thankfully, he seems to be his happy little self once again. 

My last sonogram during pregnancy showed that Little A had an inflamed kidney due to what they think is urine backed up in it. They thought it would go away once he was born and could use the bathroom. At his check-up, his doctor could feel with his hands that it is still inflamed and he wants Little A to have an ultrasound to see if we can figure out what's going on. He said not to worry it could be absolutely nothing, something that will fix itself or it could be something where we need to take some action for it. Best thing is to figure it out now. So please be in prayer for him.

This past month held many exciting first. Of course, his first Christmas, where he was spoiled by everyone. His first New Year, where little Mr. didn't want the party to end and stayed up until 3AM, his way of saying happy new year mom! His first trip to Salisbury NC to his great-grandparents house. Side note, Little A is a wonderful traveler. He does so great on long car rides, sleeps the whole way, which is awesome so we don't have to stop. Luckily it only takes us 3 hours so it isn't too awfully long. Little A's first live sports event, we went to see my little sisters friend wrestle. His eyes were wide open the whole time. He was smiling and looking around at all the people. He loved it.

Little A is such a happy baby, everyone always tells me how happy and content he is. He is constantly smiling, "talking" and squirming around. He likes being tickled, and being naked, who doesn't right? I love seeing him become more interactive with us, it's so much fun. 

2 month stats:
  • Weight - 12 lbs. 12 oz. 
  • Length - 23 and 1/4  inches long 
  • Diaper size - 1 (we had to go up a size a few days after his 1 month post)
  • Clothes size - Some newborn stuff still fits (his jeans which are my absolute favorite, and several newborn onuses) but the majority of what he is wearing is 0/3 months, but some of that swallows him.
  • Favorites- he loves when I load him in the jogging stroller and we go for a run, still loves bath time, and his singing Snoopy stuffed animal. And of course, when Mr. J does "the helicopter" with Little A, you can see his smile from across the room, too cute!
  • Mommy's favorite moment/s this month- I love playing with him and seeing him smile back, and giggle and "talk". He is paying more attention now to our dog Charlie and smiles when Charlie licks his toes. Christmas would have to be my favorite from the month. 

Cousin time with MaryAnna and Charlie supervising 
Little A's first live sports event, watching my little sister's friend wrestle
Laying on the table at Dr. B's office

So sweet

Cousin time with MaryAnna