Little Sparks

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being a stay-at-home mom is the best, most exhausting job in the world.
All day is focused on meeting the needs of my little man and meeting the demands of our home. He's so cute, I don't even mind. Our day is filled with playing, learning, correcting ("no Little A, don't play with Charlie's water bowl"), cleaning, organizing, cooking, paying bills, planning meals, juggling 3 schedules, gym time, quiet time, nap time, phone calls, texts conversations with my sister about what our munckins are doing, drop in visits from daddy (we LOVE those), chores, diaper changes, outfit changes, and tons of other tasks.
Some days, we wake up earlier than I prefer, Little A is more fussy, he doesn't want to eat a single thing, the phone is ringing off the hook, I've cleaned the same mess 5 times and counting, my 2 babies (fur included) are WILD. Days like that can get a little gloomy. I get overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely, and just wiped out.
Then, little sparks of magical moments happen. In the chaos of chasing Little A and cleaning up after him, he will grab a book, try to climb up my legs, wanting me to read to him. That right there makes it all worth it. Those days when I'm overwhelmed and frustrated, he stops playing just to give me a kiss, he learns a new word, he smiles with the cheesiest, tooth-filled smile, and it makes me stop, slow down, and just count my blessings.
I know in my heart God knew us mamas need those "sparks" to keep us going. Those moments that others wouldn't think much of but have the ability to melt our hearts. It's those sparks that help keep us together on those days when everything else is falling apart. We just have to be unplugged enough to notice them, take them in, and cherish every second of it.
What little sparks of magic have you noticed with your little ones lately?


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