5 months

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 months.

5 months.

5 months.

I was hoping the more I said / typed it, would help it sink in that my baby is 5 months old!!! Geez, slow down there, little one.

Little A doesn't have a check-up this month, which also means NO SHOTS! Praise the Lord! We weighed him a week ago at my grandma's house and little man is a whopping 16 pounds!! Insanity gives me a run for my money but holding Little A definitely brings the burn by the end of the day. 

His personality is developing. He is so friendly, he is always smiling at people and tries to "talk". At church when Paw-Paw Mike is preaching, Little A hollers back, everyone says he is preaching back at him. He loves to be tickled, the "helicopter ride" with daddy, putting his toes in his mouth, his johnny jumper, rolling over (he can now roll from his back to his belly, so he just lays down and rolls continuously), holding our hands and standing. 

Little A now sleeps in his own room. We rock him for a minute or so and lay him down awake and he may fuss for a minute but then goes right to sleep. He goes to bed at 8:30PM, usually wakes up around 5:30AM to eat, then back to sleep until 8:00AM. He sleeps on his side and has to have his blanket to snuggle.

He is still exclusively breastfed, which is going great. He eats every 2 hours. We are beginning to play around with some real food. We steamed some carrots, pureed them, and gave him a bite but he isn't too sure about it yet. One thing Little A does love is lemons. We gave him a slice thinking we would get to see him make a funny sour face, and he just went to town sucking on it. He cried when we took it from him. When he sees us drinking water from our Brita water bottles, he immediately tries to grab them, so we put it to his mouth and give him a few drops, he loves it.

He is so curious it's hard to keep him in his car seat if he is awake and we are out. He would much rather sit on our lap or be held so he can see what's going on. When we go for walks, he prefers just being in the stroller facing out, not in the carseat hooked into the stroller. 

And little man definitely has some strength. When he is on his playmate, he will grab the rings that hang and do a pull up to try to get up. Ironman in the making?

We have also added in some sign language recently. The signs we are teaching him are hungry, eat, thank you, please, mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, tired, all done, bed, and diaper. I have a few friends who taught their babies sign language and love the idea of Little A being able to communicate with us earlier about his needs. 

5 month stats:

  • Weight - 16 pounds
  • Length - no doctor appointment this month so not sure
  • Head circumference- "         "
  • Diaper size - 2 
  • Clothes size - 3/6 month, and some 6 month things like jeans and PJ's.
  • Favorites- Loves to talk, smile at people, his teethers, books (playing with them and mommy reading them) johnny jumper, and rolling around.
  • Mommy's favorite moment/s this month- I love how friendly he is. He smiles at everyone, talks, and enjoys interaction with other babies, especially his cousins. 


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