Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little A is T.W.O!! Every year, I plan to write him a letter on his birthday and eventually print them all out and give them to him. Year number 2, here we go.

My sweet boy,

Time has flown by. It feels like yesterday we were saying how we couldn't believe you were 6 months old and here we are, officially in the toddler zone. 

It's been so interesting seeing you turn into your own person. You are very independent, strong willed, and adventurous. I love that you aren't afraid to try anything. It makes me scared most days but I envy your care free spirit. 

You are exceptionally bright. I know every mom probably says that about their children, but even your Doctor says he can't believe how advanced you are. Speaking in sentences, memorizing pages in your book, being able to count to 10, knowing some of your alphabet, you blow us away.

We have had some major changes with the new house in a new town and your baby sister's arrival rapidly approaching. This has caused a bit of separation anxiety and a new level of clingy but we are working through it. These changes have made you cling to Charlie even more and I am appreciative of your bond with each other. Who knew a dog could calm a screaming toddler down so fast?

I see these little sparks of a grown up in you and while they make me a little sad, they also make me excited to see the future you. You remind everyone it's time to pray when we sit at the table to eat. Your need for independence is a little hard on this mama some days, but I appreciate it all the same. During your first "Mission Conference", when the preacher was getting all fired up and shouting, you started clapping and shouting back with him, future preacher? We will see.

You are such a joy. Every day I make sure to tell God thanks for you. You have changed the way I view every thing. You are so creative and adventurous and you have made me come out of my comfort zone. I owe you so very much my boy. Thank you for all the smiles you provide, the laughs, and even the days of tears, they are teaching me so much. You are my greatest adventure, and I am excited for what this next year will bring. 

Happy birthday love muffin, here's to making year number two full.


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