Why I Use a Nursing Cover

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Growing a baby and breastfeeding are two of my biggest accomplishments. It simply amazes me how God designed our bodies to not only offer a safe environment for our little ones to grow and develop, but also produce life sustaining milk that surpasses anything that can be made in a factory. 

I knew even before I got pregnant with Little A that I wanted to breastfeed. I am proud to say he never had one drop of formula. Now this isn't to say if you formula feed or supplement that I look down on your choice, personally, this was just something I wanted. 

I am so thankful for our nursing journey. Little A had no problems latching and my milk supply came in strong. He nursed until he self weaned at 10.5 months. My goal was a year but it became evident at that point in time that he was losing interest and that was ok by me. 

I used a nursing cover in public and plan to with baby girl come February. I in no way, shape, or form think nursing is a shameful thing or whatever other negative stigmas that may be associated with it. My reasons are simple. Breastfeeding is N.O.T sexual by any means. I can't stand hearing people call it such. Breasts are dual purpose body parts, purpose (breastfeeding) and pleasure (sexual). So while I don't believe breastfeeding is sexual, I know my breasts are part time. I personally don't believe any other man should know what my chest looks like. Little A was not a focused eater. He would nurse, pull away, babble, nurse some more, then pull away again. I would have been extremely uncomfortable being exposed during all his unfocused moments. Some moms can skip the cover, yet stay covered up because their little one never unlatches. This was not the case for us at all. My cover also helped my easily distracted baby focus on eating. If we were at church or in a crowded area, I could slip to the back of the room, put on my cover, start nursing and he would have a calm, less distracting environment to nurse. I will add that I have seen a lot of negative comments lately depicting using covers as making your baby hot, excluded, or whatever else. Little A never showed any sort of resistance or discomfort from the cover at all. If it had made him uncomfortable, we would have found another solution. 

Using a cover or skipping one is a personal preference. It all boils down to what you are comfortable with and what works for you and your baby. I pass no judgement on moms who choose differently than I do. It is their choice, their right, and I respect all opinions. Breastfeeding truly is an amazing gift we can give to our babies and I think moms everywhere would be more comfortable if we just gave each other a pat on the back for doing it, not scold their different technique. 

What are your thoughts on nursing covers? Did you have a good or bad experience using them?


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