4 Months!

Monday, March 11, 2013

My little bug is 4 months old already! He had his check-up, along with 2 more shots a few days ago (does this part every get easier?)

He is changing so quickly!!! These days, when he goes to sleep, he has to pull his blanket up to his face, usually covering one cheek. He loves to talk, when he wakes up, I know he is awake because he starts "talking" and kicking his legs, he doesn't cry.

Little usually goes to bed around 9:30. He wakes up between 5-6 to eat while Mr. J is getting ready for work, gets some kisses from him, then goes back to sleep. He wakes up again around 9 to eat, and sometimes goes back to sleep for another hour. He always conks out for a nap at noon, sleeps for about an hour and a half to two hours, then takes an hour nap around 5.

He is still nursing every 2 hours, which is a little more difficult sometimes because he is too nosy, I mean curious to sit still long enough to eat.

Little A also had his first unscheduled doctor appointment. He had a fever. not really eating well, runny nose, and cough for 2 days. I called the doctor, she said to just give tylenol as directed to keep him comfortable. After 2 days I couldn't take it, I took him in. They said it was a virus that was going around and since it was viral, they couldn't do anything. It made me feel better to know it was nothing more serious and it wasn't an ear infection or anything else but I hated they couldn't do anything.
He still has a cough but we're putting baby vicks vapor rub on his feet at night and it's helping him not cough so much and clear out the congestion.

Little man was born with dark hair, now what hair he does have is light, looks like he will be a blonde baby, maybe it will turn dark again when he is older just like Daddy.

Look Mom, I got my toes!

After his appointment, those shots wear him out.

Look at those eyes!

Loves his johnny jumper

Working HARD to blow bubbles

His shirt says dreamboat, seriously though, I'm melting over this face

  • Weight - 14 lbs. 15 oz. 50th percentile
  • Length - 24 and 1/8  inches long. 50th percentile
  • Head circumference- 16 1/4". 25th percentile.
  • Diaper size - 2 
  • Clothes size - 3 months, and some 3/6 month.
  • Favorites- He is more vocal, lots of cooing and "talking". He discovered his toes, he always has to grab them. He is enjoying his play mat a lot more now. 
  • Mommy's favorite moment/s this month- It's so hard to pick but I think it's that he learned to blow bubbles with his mouth, he does it all the time, absolutely precious.

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