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Friday, March 1, 2013

I remember when I was pregnant, tons of my mommy friends came to me and said "When you make your registry, don't forget to add this and this and this." and I heard, " I was told that I couldn't live without such and such items but I never used them, don't waste your time." So I'm going to make a short list of some of the items we have found essential.

1) Boppy- This wonderful pillow has been a life saver. It was a huge help at the hospital when I was getting used to nursing, and we still use it all the time for feedings and tummy time.
2) Nursing Cover- Obvious reasons right? BUT I will add, get one with the hoop at the neck, makes it easer for you to see your baby while still being covered up.

3)  Shout - Seriously, I love this stuff, never really used it before little A was born, but for those times when he has a blow out diaper while wearing a white onsie, which don't they always happen when they are wearing white?, I just squirt some of this stuff on there and let it sit for a little bit before washing, and VIAOLA, white and crisp all over again. 
4) Arm & Hammer diaper pail- I was kinda skeptical about a diaper pail honestly. I've heard moms talk about the oh so magical Diaper Genie, but I read not so great reviews about it. Hubby decided we just HAD to have a diaper pail on our registry, and after reading reviews, we went with the Arm & Hammer. Hubby was right, I love this thing. Who wants their nursery to smell like poo? Not this girl. This baby takes out any fowl scent from dirty diapers and holds a ton of diapers.
5) Jogging Stroller- Our stroller is the BOMB! It was amazing while doing Christmas shopping in a super crowded mall and having to do hairpin turns. Seriously this baby is smooth and drives just as well  as a Lexus (I'm guessing, never driven a Lexus before?) Being that Little A was a winter baby, the weather hasn't given us too many opportunities to actually go jogging yet, but the 5 or so times we have, I was impressed! Worth every single red cent!
(This is the travel system we bought, but we got the green one)

Well that's all for now, love on those babies and have a great weekend!


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