11 months !

Monday, October 14, 2013

So this is a little late, but such is life 

Little A is 11 months old and boy oh boy, he is doing SO much these days!

He started walking 2 days before he turned 11 months, not just a couple steps, but full on walking!

His vocabulary consists of  mama, dada, thank you (so cute, just started yesterday), dog (which sounds more like dawg-a), nose (nooooooeee), bird (bir-bir).

He is signing more, all done, and shaking his head no.

His favorite things to do are stand on the baseboard heaters (don't worry they aren't usable anymore) look out the window to find bir-bir and says "caawwww" like a crow. He loves to turn off the lights when we leave a room, play with his books, carry around my decorative pumpkins from Michaels. Now that Little A can walk, he has to constantly be doing it, he is ALWAYS on the go. He will give kisses if you ask him for one, unless he is grumpy, then he has no love. Understandable.

His favorite foods are bananas, any kind of bread (toasts, muffins, biscuits, corn bread), meat, especially chicken but he won't eat it fried (can he truly be called a baptist then?). His veggie likes seem to be shrinking but we are working on that. He loves greek yogurt and all fruit.

Little A went on his first pumpkin patch trip which he absolutely loved. Playing in the corn and carrying his baby pumpkin were his favorites, along with kettle corn.

First birthday plans are in the works. We have the invitations designed, plans made, tears waiting to be shed. No but seriously, I can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. We have loved every single minute and are so thankful to have our sweet boy. 

His big boy car seat 

Looking for birds

Pretty sure he could be a GAP baby model 

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  1. So precious!!! Can't believe he will be 1! Love and miss you all very much!