A - Z about ME

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apparently I never post anything "me related" so It was suggested that I do that in order for y'all to get to know me better, (I'm not super interesting, I promise) so I found this fun little guide .

here we go.....

A. Age :: 21

B. Bed size :: full (yup, we love to snuggle)

C. Chore you hate :: folding laundry (probably because I am so specific about every fold)

D. Dogs :: Charlie, who is currently living with a friend due to our land lord not wanting pets

E. Essential start to your day :: devotion time during Little A's nap

F. Favorite color :: cliche, but PINK. It makes me happy

G. Gold or silver :: silver

H. Height :: 5'5

I. Instruments you play :: NONE, depressing right? would love to learn piano

J. Job title :: Stay at home mama

K. Kids :: Little A <3

L. Live :: good ol' Virginia

M. Maiden name :: Love (best last name (now middle) in my opinion)

N. Nicknames :: Kir, Atta 'Chel (middle name is michelle, my grandpa added the 'Atta part), Porkchop (my dad has given all of his children, and grandchildren meat names, weird right?)

O. Overnight hospital stays :: only when Little A was born

P. Pet peeve :: dirty clothes laying RIGHT beside the dirty basket (come on, those extra 3 inches), letting the low fuel light come on, being late

Q. Quote: "Don't try to measure up to other people, your measurements have been taken on the cross" - Beth Moore

R. Righty or lefty :: Righty. 

S. Siblings :: Older sister Brittni, little sister Kayla, and little brother Jacob

T.Time you wake up :: usually 8 - 8:30, whenever Little Man wakes up

U. University attended :: Not a University, but just started a certification program through ACE to be a group fitness instructor

V. Vegetables you dislike :: Greens and beets

W. What makes you run late :: having a child, bad hair days, and that moment when you realize you hate every.single.thing in your closet (happens a lot)

X. X-rays you’ve had :: Teeth, and my shoulder.  

Y. Yummy food :: Steak, sushi, smoothies, COFFEE, and anything Italian

Z. Zoo animal favorite :: Elephants, been my favorite for years.


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