Total Truth Thursday| Fashion: Style Pressure

Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Today’s topic is FASHION!

We often hear the question "What's your style? Boho, chic, edgy, preppy?" My answer, none of the above. I fit into NONE of the typical categories of style labels.

In high school, I shopped at the typical places, American Eagle and Hollister mainly. Then I became a wife less than a month after graduating. I remember going to a doctor appointment and the receptionist asking me if I brought my mom because I couldn't be seen without an adult present. I told her I was 18 and married, she didn't believe me at all. After that, I started thinking I needed to dress more "grown up".

I had Little A when I was 20, and that feeling of needing to look more grown up multiplied times a million. I would get stressed out about getting dressed because I wanted people to take me seriously. I was so afraid they would think I was a young, incapable, irresponsible mother.

Now don't get me wrong, I never dressed like a grandma, but I definitely put pressure on myself to try to appear older than I actually was.

No matter what outfit I had on, the facts were the same. I was freshly 20, a mother, stay at home wife, fully capable, responsible, and down right dedicated to doing my best for my family. I could be all of that and wear what ever the heck I wanted.

Once I realized this fact (sadly it took me a while), I felt freedom from the expectation that as a mom, I had to look a certain way. I don't have to prove myself to be a good mom to anyone. My son knows it and that's what matters. I've seen plenty of moms who have beautiful clothes and appear to be have it all together, but watching them for 5 minutes proves a little different. 

Appearances don't make the mama folks. I love clothes and shopping. I love putting together outfits with fun pieces of jewelry (although I'm not as fashion savy as I wish). I enjoy it so much more now that I wear what I want and without the extra pressure. 

I don't have a style type, I wear what I like, what I think is cute and functional and there are no apologies for that.

Christmas 2 years ago, chunky cardigans my favorite for fall and winter


  1. I love your doctor appointment story. I used to work at a place that I had to go visit students while they were in school (to kind of check up on them) and one time a teacher was on the brink of grabbing my arm at pulling me back to the office because she wouldn't believe I wasn't a student. It threw me so much I totally forgot to show her my work badge! I was 24! Thanks for hosting this linkup!

  2. Yes! It doesn't matter what stage of like you're at. You where what you like! :-)