Total Truth Thursday| Social Media: Unplug

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to our third Total Truth Thursday! Kirstin and I started this link-up in hopes that it will be successful in creating a safe environment for us to share our opinions, beliefs, and thoughts- however strong, against-the-grain, mainstream, or out there they are! If this is the first time you’re hearing about Total Truth Thursdays, head back to this post and catch up on what it’s all about!

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Today’s topic is SOCIAL MEDIA!

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love feeling connected in the day-to-day stuff of my out of state relatives, friends who have moved, and people I don't get to see as often and I would like. I hate the drama and the inevitable time wasted spent on it.

I never spent tons of time on facebook until I became a stay at home mom. I think it was due to just being at home, and longing for a little adult interaction and communication. A lot of the times, when I was bored or lonely, I would hop on the computer to feel connected and "in the loop". 

I joined the smart phone era WAY late, like this past Christmas, and to be honest, I was a little nervous to do so. Having the option to be so plugged in kind of scared me. I knew it would be harder to unplug having it at my finger tips. 

Well lo and behold, it was insane for a while. I spent SO much time on my phone figuring it out, picking out cool apps, instagram (yay), and facebook. I would usually be on it if Little A was playing in the floor or distracted with something else. One day, he was playing, I was browsing Facebook, and I glanced down at him to see him staring at me signing "please". My child had been sitting there (for how long, I don't know) asking me to come play and I hadn't even noticed. It absolutely devastated me. 10 years from now, will I remember that awesome thing I saw on Facebook, or the time Little A and I played cars for an hour? You don't have to be a genius to figure out it's the latter. 

It can be tough on days you feel lonely, bored, or just like you've been stuck in the house watching "Cars" everyday. But try unplugging for a whole day, NO social media. I have tried a few times and it can be tough at first, but it feels wonderful.  Your life feels a little less chaotic without knowing everything about everyone. 

I keep my phone up during the day. I have it on loud so I can answer texts and calls but I don't grab it to browse unless Little A is asleep. I will not lose time with him so I can scan a newsfeed. 

Need a little more motivation to unplug, check out this post written by Tonya at "4 Little Fergusons". 

Photo credit goes to Tonya Ferguson at "4 Little Fergusons"

If you feel lonely or in need of a little communication, try talking to Jesus, He is always there loves. 


  1. i unplug periodically and it is SO freeing! my mind just gets so overwhelmed with everything thrown at it through scrolling!

  2. Found you on the link up. Love your blog, let's follow each other?