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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Today's topic is all things domestic!

Confession time! When we first got married, I absolutely LOATHED the day-to-day tasks of housekeeping. I loved the fun decorating part, but the upkeep, blah! Oddly enough, it is something that I have come to kind of rather enjoy. Nothing makes me happier than whipping out the steam mop and making my floors sparkle. I love folding fresh out of the dryer clothes. We don't have a dishwasher, the two hands typing these words are solely responsible for getting them clean.

 I can remember my Grandmother saying 3 things consistently when it comes to housekeeping. I'll share some of her wisdom. 

1) "A man with a wrinkled shirt is a sign of a lazy wife."
Yowza, let that smack ya one good time. Growing up, I thought this was derogatory. As an adult, I totally believe this 100%. I am so very fortunate to be a stay-at-home mama/wife. My husband works hard and we made sacrifices so this was possible. If I don't work outside of the home, my home is my job. It's my job to take care of things, including my husband. I have known several stay-at-home wives who don't work, inside or outside the home. If your husband is working so you can stay home, the least you can do is give him a clean, relaxing place to come home to.

Now before you start thinking I'm a 50's housewife, I understand that means your house won't be perfect. I can tell you we have plenty of days here where Mr.J walks in the door and laundry is piled on the bed, the dishes need to be done, and Little A's toys are covering every square inch of the floor. But I do make it my goal to do my best around here so Mr. J can just relax and be glad to be home. He does help me with things around the house when I need help, he isn't above starting some clothes in the wash, helping with dishes, or picking stuff up. 

2) "Your house should always be ready for unexpected company."

Ever had someone call and say "Hey can I stop by in about 10 minutes?" and you start freaking out wondering where you can shovel all of your stuff so it appears clean? My hand is raised. (See #3 for more, they go hand-in hand)

3) "A little goes a long way"

Grandma said, doing a little each day goes a long way.  To make this somewhat possible, I made myself a cleaning schedule. I have assigned tasks for each day. They all take around 30 minutes. 30 minutes each day to have a clean house. It's not hard, it just takes getting into a routine. It's less hectic knowing only 30 minutes are put into this instead of one extremely long day of playing catch up on chores. 

I will close with this, take joy in your home ladies. I thoroughly enjoy taking care of my family. It's service, to them and to the Lord. I love knowing I get to make them healthy food everyday, they have clean sheets to sleep on, clean clothes to wear, and a nice place they can relax. Don't set the bar at perfection, you will burn yourself out without obtaining it (for longer than 5 minutes of course). Serve with a joyful heart. For me, dishes seem to be my least favorite, but when I do them, I either listen to praise and worship, or listen to a sermon or speaker, it makes it fun. Instead of thinking it as a burden to have to clean up, try being thankful instead. Hate the dish, thank God for food to dirty them up. Hate doing laundry? Be thankful you have a family to wear the clothes and a washing machine!! It's all about attitude

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