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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to our sixth Total Truth Thursday! Kelsea and I started this link-up in hopes that it will be successful in creating a safe environment for us to share our opinions, beliefs, and thoughts- however strong, against-the-grain, mainstream, or out there they are! If this is the first time you’re hearing about Total Truth Thursdays, head back to this post and catch up on what it’s all about! 

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Today's topic is kids/parenting.

Parenting seems to be that ONE topic that gets every single person fired up, super judgemental, and closed minded. I am doing todays post a little differently and just hitting on some bullet points. Before you read, you need to know a few things. These are MY opinions. Yours are probably different. I will NOT judge you, you are entitled to parent the way you see fit, and I the same. I respect your opinion, please respect mine. Now let's get this ball rolling. 

1.) I believe in spanking.

(Insert gasp) You read that right. I was spanked as a child and it had some side effects called discipline and respect. It  caused NO irrational sense of fear, neglect, hate, or a knack for violence. I am THANKFUL my parents spanked me. I didn't get near as many as I deserved. I was a very strong willed, stubborn child but the idea of a spanking from daddy could turn me into a sweet little angel in 5 seconds flat. Little A is no dummy. When he goes to do something he knows he is not allowed to, you will hear him say "no no no", because he KNOWS what he is doing is wrong. He will get a spanking (let me assure you, it is a smack on the bottom, not a violent rage of lashes), then I get on his level, explain "it is mommy's job to keep you safe, if mommy says no, it means no. We must listen to mommy. I love you" We hug, he gives me a kiss and everything is all gravy baby. 

I will add that when we are playing outside, Little A likes to wander to the edge of the driveway and get close to the road. His ball when into the road so naturally he chased after it, only he didn't see the van coming down the street, I ran towards him and yelled "STOP" and he immediately, without hesitation, stopped. It took us a few days and a couple spankings before that event for him to learn when mommy says stop, it means stop. His obedience saved his life.

2.) I DON'T believe in co-sleeping.

(insert ANOTHER gasp) The closest we ever got to co-sleeping was me dozing off during a mid-night nursing session with him in our bed. Little A refuses to sleep with anyone anyway. My thoughts on this are simple. I believe co-sleeping causes a co-dependency. Little A knows, if he wakes up in the middle of the night, Mommy will be right there. But he also is confident in his ability to sleep alone. I have a friend who co-slept until the age of 2. Her son is now 8 and still isn't able to fall asleep by himself, she has to lay down with him. He doesn't have the confidence in his ability to go to sleep by himself. I also think co-sleeping is dangerous. I know this is such a touchy subject. If you co-sleep, I am in no way passing judgement. That's your kid and your right to choose, have at it. But it doesn't happen with us.

3.) We Vaccinate

Having a mother, stepmother, and sister in the medical field, you better believe we do our research. This was no question for Mr. J and I. I was vaccinated growing up, so was he. I think modern medicine can be a HUGE blessing. Of course, I believe God is the Great Physician and I have personally seen him preform medical miracles. Little A is up to date on all of his required vaccinations. While getting the shots are NOT fun, I am always thankful after. I know this is also a HUGE debate today, but personally, I like to do anything preventative I can. 

4.) Little A NEVER EVER EVER goes out in his jammies.

(Thought I would lighten the mood a little ;) )  Even when Little A was first born, if we went out, he had clothes on. It wasn't necessarily jeans, sometimes it was a cute little sweatpant outfit, but he has never in his entire life been out of the house in his PJs. Why? It is just a pet peev of mine that I really don't even know how it got started. We have had some early morning breakfast dates and Mr. J will suggest that I just let him go in his PJs but it has yet to happen. Now Little A has some pretty adorable jammies that people would just eat up, but for some reason, I just can't seem to let this go haha. But fear not, if you bring your child out in jammies, I will not judge, just smile. 

There we have it folks, just a little list. I hope you aren't passing judgement too harshly and are accepting of our differences of opinions. I think it's funny how my co-host in the Link-up Kelsea wrote today how she is against spankings. We have different view points but I respect hers and admire her as a mother. Never forget, God gave you instincts specific to you, and your child for a reason. Do what is best for your child and yourself. Keep an open mind and spread LOVE not judgement. 

At his 1 year check-up, before vaccinations

Total Truth Thursday


  1. Can I just give you a hi-five for speaking all of my opinions here?! haha!

  2. Yes! No co-sleeping! I'm not sure about where I stand on spanking yet (we'll see when the time comes) but I certainly know now I do not want my child sleeping in my bed.