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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ever met someone and instantly, you are so impressed and encouraged by them? This was my reaction when I met Amanda. Her husband, Doug, and Mr. J grew up together. My mother-in-law said there was always at least a few Basinger kids at her house (He comes from a family of 11 kids). Lots of funny stories of these families together have been told. 

I have only met Amanda in person one time when her family came to visit our church. I have poured my heart out to her more times than I can count and I always walk away from our conversations encouraged and feeling much better. I thought it wouldn't be fair of me to keep her all to myself. So sit back, and get ready for a double dose of encouragement. 

Hello sweet Amanda, why don't you tell us a little more about yourself and your family

My name is Amanda (25) and my husband is Doug (30).  I am a busy stay at home mom of five little ones, Brandon (6), Lynndsey (4) Julia(3), Hunter(2), and Jacob(8 months).  Along with my 5 little ones I also babysit two more for a close friend while she works Monday-Thursday (Josie/4 and Joshua/2).  So as you can imagine we have a very busy and full day!!  My husband Doug works as a Chemical Tech for a landscaping business.  Thankfully his job has been very flexible where he has been able to take time off as needed, go in late, or come home early as needed.  Although his job is flexible, during the busy seasons he often works LONG hours.  

You have 5 kids under the age of 6. How do you manage the demands of every day life?

Well First of all I start each day with a GIANT cup of COFFEE!!!  Haha just kidding, but I do love my morning coffee.  Honestly there are many days I wonder the same thing "How?!?".  I have a couple bible verses that talk about how I can do ALL thing through Christ, or that with God ALL things are possible, and that a soft answer is always the best way to handle things.  With all these things in mind, a VERY scheduled routine, and a lot of LOVE we somehow make it all work.

You also homeschool, what has been the hardest part and the most rewarding part?

The hardest part of homeschooling is definitely keeping those busy toddlers out of things while I teach the two oldest kids.  We all have a "together time"  in the morning where we all (all 7) say our pledges, calendar time, colors, numbers, songs, and bible time.  This gives the little ones a little bit of school fun and the older ones enjoy it too!!  But after that "together time"  when school really gets going(math reading writing, you know the "hard stuff") keeping those toddlers busy is tuff!  On the flipside the most rewarding part of homeschooling for me is without a doubt the proud and accomplished smiles they give as they learn to read!!  My 4 year old Lynndsey is the perfect example for this right now.  Shes starting her basic phonics and learning to sound out short vowel words and short sentences.  Last week she read "The sun is hot."  all by herself and she was so excited!!!  Probably the first sentence she has ever read all by herself.  She even ran and read that same sentence to daddy when he come home!!

Being a mom can be such an emotional roller coaster, when things get hard, what do you do to help?

What do I do or what do I try to do?!?  Unfortunately like most moms sometimes I just loose it and find myself fussy at the kids.  What I try to do and what really helps is when I just take a step back and PRAY!!  Then I can comeback to what ever the situation is a lot calmer and refreshed.  Think about it for a minute, it would be difficult to leave an honest Prayer still Angry, upset, or overwhelmed.  Phillipians 4:6-7  really helps me on days like this, just reminding me to take everything to God in Prayer!!  Also Proverbs 15:1 just reminds me to handle things calmly.  Whatever the situations is reacting harshly or with anger will just make things worse,so staying or speaking calmly helps he handle or prevent a lot of "emotional roller coasters".

(Amanda's kids are the 4 in front, the 2 in the back, she babysits)

Having boys is a a whole new ball game, they seriously have NO fear. What is the craziest thing one of your boys have done?

This one is tough for me because my boys (thankfully) havent been to hard for me.  I think the craziest thing has been when my oldest son (6) walks across the swingset (ON TOP!!) as a balance beam!!  The most difficult part with my boys really isnt their lack of fear but instead their wondering minds.  I find ir difficult to keep their attention and I repeat my self constantly! (this is where I have to practice my patience, lol).

In today's society, we are seeing less girls grow up to become "ladies", how are you instilling that in your girls?

This question really lays heavy on my heart and is very important to me,  First and most importantly I have to say "by example!"  Your children will naturally follow and learn what they see.  So if you what your daughters to grow to be ladies the respect their husbands, then you must respect and submit to their daddy.  If you want your daughters to dress modestly then you have to set those standards with your own clothing.  For me its important to remmeber that my children love and admire me, they look up to me.  I also talk to them.  I dont just say NO we dont do that, or NO you cant wear that, or NO NO NO.  Its important for me to take the time to explain to them WHY we dont do that, or WHY we dont wear that.  Also by praying with them, and reading the bible with them.  This helps them see that when they have a problem or when they dont know the answer, God can help!!

What is a verse that really encourages your heart and why?

A verse that encourages me the most is phillipians 4:13.  It says, " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  With this verse in my heart I know that with God I can make it through any and all situations that come my way.  Even a busy stressful day with 7(my 5 +2 more) hungry and tired little ones. 

What do you like to do for "me time"?

"Me Time"?!?! No Im kidding, although it happens in small suddle ways it is very important.  Mostly I take the kids "Nap Time" and I Shower, get on facebook, pinterest, TV, read anything I want!!  Or at night after I put the kids in bed Doug and I will watch TV or just sit around and talk (without being climbed on or having to talk over the noise!)  Occasionally (1-2 times a year)  I will go out with some friends and just have a "girls day out"!!  Something about enjoying a nice lunch with some wonderful conversation without 10 million trips to the bathroom just says relaxing to me :) (Sometimes I think my kids just go potty so they can wash their hands again!)  Although I love my kids so  much a little "me time" helps keep me sane!! ;) 

She's pretty much amazing right? Thank you Amanda for sharing your heart, I am so thankful for our friendship and your influence.

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