Total Truth Thursday Intro

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have you ever wanted to say something, whether verbally or in blog form, but hold back out of fear of being judged too harshly? I have so many times I've lost count. I start to mentally write a post in my head then hit the imaginary delete button out of fear of poorly constructed sentences, grammatical errors, or pure fear of conflicting opinions. 

My sweet friend Kelsea over at Hey Kelsea Rae wrote this post. It inspired me so much. She has offered so many encouraging words to me numerous times through several struggles I've faced. She tells it like it is, gives me a positive outlook, and is always completely real. Her bravery behind this post is something I so badly wish was expressed more often, for myself and others. 

With that in mind, Kelsea and I have teamed up to create Total Truth Thursdays
Total Truth Thursdays will be a weekly-link up in which we will post a topic and we are encouraging you to write a post that is full of truth, the total truth! Don't hold back out of fear of judgement or sentence structure. Share your heart, be brave, and link up with us so we can all enjoy a fresh dose of honesty and learn something in the process! 
For the next couple of months, we'll have a topic for every Total Truth Thursday. Here are the dates and topics:

Thursday, March 6th : Marriage
Thursday, March 13th :  Fashion
Thursday, March 20th : Social Media
Thursday, March 27th: Free Vent! (you choose!)
Thursday, April 3rd : Modesty
Thursday, April 10th : Parenting/Kids
Thursday, April 17th : All Things Domestic
Thursday, April 24th : Free Vent! (you choose!)
Thursday, May 1st: Expectations
Thursday, May 8th: Money
We'll give you a chance to link up on either of our blogs so you can have your total truth seen and find other total truth posts, too. These topics are pretty broad, so if you don't feel like writing about any one of them, get honest about something else! We want to create a community of openness and kindness, where bloggers feel heard, respected, and free to share their thoughts and opinions.

Now, while we are sharing truth, please use your manners. This is in no way a free ticket to spew hate. As women, let's empower each other to share our hearts, be respectful of the opinions of others, and try to learn a few things from each other. You may not agree with all the opinions shared, and you're absolutely allowed to disagree, ask questions, and make comments. All we ask is that it is done in a kind manner. 

As you can see, our first link-up is next Thursday, the 6th! It's so close! Please plan on joining us!
 We'll be using the hashtag #totaltruththursdays to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram and hope you'll do the same! We also have a fun button to share in your post!  We'd love if you'd spread the word, invite others to link-up, and join us next Thursday. Hope to see you there!


  1. What a fabulous idea for a linkup! I absolutely adore Kelsea so I figure I should follow you since you must be wonderful too. ;-)

  2. Susannah, thank you so much! So nice to have you :)